The following road closures will be implemented to allow the Challenge London 2023 to take place. 

Lower Lea Crossing, Tidal Basin, Western Gateway (between Lower Lea Crossing and Seagull Lane) Seagull Lane, Sandstone Lane and Royal Albert Way will be closed to traffic


There will be managed vehicle access to Orchard Place via Leamouth Roundabout from Leamouth Road with egress via Leamouth Roundabout and Blackwall Way.

Access egress to Jamestown Way, Newport Avenue, John Smith Mews and Pilgrim Mews will be via Blackwall Way and Baffin Way from Preston’s Road.

Access and egress to Western Gateway east of Seagull Lane will be via Tidal Basin Road from Silvertown Way.

Access to the premises at the eastern end of Excel will be via a vehicle access lane along Royal Albert Way WB from Gallions Roundabout to Royal Albert Roundabout and Dockside.  Egress will be via Dockside then Royal Albert Way westbound to Connaught Bridge .


If you do need to travel, we recommend that you plan ahead to consider the best route. We also recommend that you allow extra time for your journey on these days